FAQ - BookRadon.com - How Do I Book A Radon Test Online?

How Can I Book A Radon Test Online?

First, designate the type of radon job you require, is it an Initial Radon Test or a Radon Re-Test (after a house has mitigation system installed).

Second, you will be sent to our secure shopping cart for payment. Third, once payment is made, you will receive a confirmation and at the same time we will be sent confirmation of payment and your order request.

We then begin working on your order by contacting all parties and begin planning and making the necessary appointment to drop off radon test and begin.  Once radon test is dropped off all parties will be notified and at the conclusion of test all parties will receive an emailed radon report showing the findings.

Is This A State Licensed Radon Test?

Yes, Joseph Burke has been licensed consecutively with the State of Illinois as a Radon Measurement Professional since 2006.  All of the equipment and our Quality of Standards have been approved by the State of Illinois IEMA division of Nuclear Safety.

After I Pay When Will My Radon Test Begin?

We start working on your order the same day it is received and in most cases we can have your radon test scheduled for drop off the following day.

How Fast Will My Radon Test Be Completed?

We pride ourselves on scheduling and executing our radon test ASAP.  In doing so the test we conduct is the State of Illinois approved 48 hour radon test. Usually in normal circumstances we can have radon test completed and emailed to all parties within 3 to 4 days after we receive the radon confirmation order.

Do I Need To Contact Any Realtors? 

No. We have access to realtors, we will make the necessary calls and appointments to expedite your radon test.

What If I Cancel Before My Radon Test Is Performed?

No charge, your money will be refunded.

Can We Order A Test And Have It Paid At Closing?

No, you must prepay to schedule and have your test completed.